Effective use of energy and protection of the environment;

“Our planet is experiencing global warming, intensive use of such fossil fuels as coal, oil and natural gas affects climate change and affects the population of the Earth.” In our country and around the world, most of the energy comes from the fuel extracted from the bowels of the earth, and the amount of this produced fuel is growing.One of the precautions and possible consequences is the correct use of energy resources.One way to solve these problems is the choice of such of the goods that make less energy for their production, only 10-15% of the total energy consumption is used for lighting, a growing number of people are thinking about the rationality of the use of electricity, which is increasingly being discussed on various international platforms. , all manufactured goods must comply with the directives of the European Union, in this connection, the objectives, limitations and prohibitions with regard to the economy and management of the EU ektroenergiey. VEKELECTRIC quality in LED technology The LED technology in lighting devices can significantly reduce energy consumption. Our products achieve 70% energy efficiency. We are fully aware of the responsibility ”